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Metal Braces

Embrace your new smile by choosing classic metal braces.

  • High-tech precision by 3M
  • Come in sterile packs individualized for you
  • Most modern bonding material (glue)
  • They work 24/7 (always on the teeth)
  • Most durable of all the braces (surgical grade stainless steel)
  • Great for colors (which you can change at each visit)
  • Most common for the kids and teens in our practice

clear advanced ceramic braces: adolescents smiling (girl with dog, boy in front of chain-link

If subtle is more your style, consider 3M Clarity Braces.

  • The most modern 3M ceramic made (it’s awesome)
  • Very strong and color stable (brackets won’t discolor)
  • Braces are virtually unnoticeable.
  • They work 24/7 (always on the teeth)
  • While you can still sport your favorite color ties, most people go for clear
  • A favorite brace for our adults

Invisalign™: two professionals smiling

Invisalign® (Aligner orthodontics):

  • Aligner treatment is the newest way to move teeth
  • Aligners come off to eat and brush, but they’re in the rest of the time
  • Attachments (small composite handles) are glued to the teeth for the aligners to work
  • Good for patients that easily make good habits (aligners don’t work if not worn)
  • Best for patients that eat 3 times a day and not so great for “grazers.” (need to brush after eating before trays go back)
  • Puts ownership of treatment progress in patient control