There's nothing quite like the first look in the mirror on the day your braces come off!  What an exciting time for our patients and our team.



Google Review, June 2019:

Google Review, May 2019:
Note from Patient, June 2019:
Facebook Recommendation, May 2019:
Recommendation from a family whose child recently completed treatment and are considering braces for younger sister.
“Dr. Joe didn’t try to sell us on anything she didn’t need, or start her too early on braces (just to have to do them again). We feel confident that our daughter will be taken care of l, when it’s her time to get braces.”
Google Review, April 2019:
Google Review, April 2019:

Check out this review from our Facebook Page:"Thanks Dr Joe and crew for taking such amazing care of my three kids over the years! We have had a fantastic experience each and every appointment. Dr. Joe combines his excellent skills with a great team and office experience. He and the team identified each of my kid's different needs and personalities. They then met each one where they were at, worked with them every visit to help them succeed, and they all have fantastic smiles and great memories! Thank you!!"

-Jill, posted 11/14/2017

We love getting letters like the one below from happy patients! July 2017

Check out this review posted on our Facebook page:“The service and attention are the best imaginable.  Absolutely no reason to go anywhere else!!  Dr. Rensch was MY ortho 30+years ago and now my kids go to Dr. Joe.  Impeccable service and care never go out of style!!! 5 Stars!

Haley, (August, 2017)